1. I am glad I visited your blog, the strawberry pie filling canned is awesome.

  2. I just learned how to can and I cannot wait to try this pie filling!!!

  3. What is clear jel? Sure Jel? Can you use an artificial sugar in this? Thanks

    1. Author

      Great question. Clear Jel is a modified starch used as a thickening agent in home canning. Clear jel doesn’t breakdown in high temperatures. It replaces cornstarch that is dangerous to use in home canning. Sure jel is a pectin. If you use this in the strawberry pie filling then it will most likely turn it into JAM. So you can’t interchange the two and expect the same results. As for artificial sugar, I don’t have a great answer. I have been taught by Cooperative Extension agents to not divert from proven and tested recipes.

      1. Where do you find clear jel?

  4. Is this for a baked pie crust or do you bake it with the filling in a double pie crust?

    1. Author

      You use this pie filling like you would any other canned pie filling you buy from the store.

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