1. I loved this post. I have to tell you, I tried to grow lettuce for the first time this year with absolutely no success. I think I planted to late, well that’s what all my well aged experienced family members who garden have said.
    Do you have any advice for a newbie?

    Jen Cooper

    1. Author

      A couple of tips for growing lettuce in gutters; make sure soil is at least 45 degrees and you have to keep the soil moist pretty much the entire growing season. Being in a gutter, the soil will dry out faster and the temperature will fluctuate in larger increments. It is easier to take care of but you do need to look at it daily. We are in NC and I like to plant lettuce in gutters around March. Good Luck!!

  2. Could I have your permission to copy this article. I have entertained using gutters next year as another vertical garden alternative to wire panels. Have you tried it with strawberries?

    thank you

  3. So I want to grow lettuce thing garden season is this a good way for beingers

  4. This is so smart. I have been growing lettuce in a large patio pot, I am going to try this this year. My oldest son just brought home a bearded dragon and I am going to try to grow his food this summer, this will work great for different types of lettuces and greens that he will need. Thank you for this article!

  5. Loved your post! I don’t have any fences but I am guessing I could lean pallets against the garage and nail into them? Also, what other veggies do you think this would work for?

    1. Author

      Thanks so much. I have read that people like to put strawberries in them which is great because it keeps the berries off the ground where slugs can eat them. Herbs would also do pretty well in them.

  6. Can I grow lettuce in India during the hot season where the temperatures rise to 44 degrees Celsius.

    1. Author

      As that temperature is 111 degrees Fahrenheit, my educated guess would be no. I don’t think you can successfully grow lettuce at those temperatures.

  7. I love that idea…this is my 1st year growing red leaf and green head lettuce…(I cheated and bought starter plants). My garden is all containers/window boxes hanging off my patio…your gutter plan would definitely benefit my set up.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment Alexandra. I wish you luck in your container garden and really glad this post could help.

  8. Hi, I understand I need permission to copy this to my computer for use in my garden. May I have your permission? Thank You! Jay of Enid, Oklahoma

    1. Author

      Thank you Jay for your comment. Sorry about the permission notice. I secure my posts because there are many people who steal content and put it on their own website. Since you and many others have asked for permission on this post, I have added a printer button. You can find the green printer friendly button at the bottom of the post. It will allow you to save the post to your computer as a PDF as well. I hope that will help and I really hope this post helps you in your garden. Keep me updated!!!

  9. where do the seed markers go when you put the screen on?

    1. Author

      I put my markers in the front of the gutters but it is all up to you. Once my lettuce starts growing and I can see it more clearly, I typically take the markers away. You can use smaller markers so they don’t interfere with the screen. Thanks for your question!

  10. This is a great idea! It really gets me thinking about the many ways to reuse things, especially those that may have otherwise gone to waste, in productive ways. I recently found an old junky mirror in my basement that at first glance was bound for the garbage. I decided, however, it would be perfect to reflect light from a sunny window to help grow my plant starts. I would love to read about other such reuse projects you have found on your homestead.

  11. I am planting lettuce for the first time so i am reading post and taking advise from any one who has good idears

    1. Author

      That’s great. This is one of my favorite methods but the two large problems I face is having to water it everyday and keeping it shaded if it starts to get beaten up by the late afternoon sun. Good luck!

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