Homesteading Goals 2016

These are our homestead goals for the 2016 year. Goal setting is an important part of keeping each homesteading year productive and on task. And with every passing year, our goals, family needs, and personal wants change. This page is how we as family can keep up with all those demands.

Our Goals

This year I decided to do something different. I decided to make my family’s homesteading goals that pertain to everyone in the household as well as some personal goals. Realizing my love for my family and myself, I also needed to work on myself and things that make personally happy and fulfilled. I realized that I have lost a few of my personal ambitions being enveloped as a stay at home mama and would like to start getting them back.

This is my second year posting my yearly goals and it seems to help keep me on track. Check how we did for 2015.

Homesteading Goals for the Family:

  1. Make a potted citrus/warm weather tree garden. I have started a Dwarf Valencia Orange tree but would like a Meyer Lemon, Cavendish Banana, and a lime tree. I have planted a Meyer lemon and a Valencia orange tree. I am thinking of getting one more of each for better pollination.
  2. Finish making the raised beds on the side of the house. We have made 4 beds already and have planted in two of them; asparagus and garlic. I would like to make one more bed of asparagus along with more garlic, leeks, and sweet onions. We have completed all the raised beds.
  3. I would like to purchase 1/4 cow and 1/2 pig from a local farm I have found at our local farmers market. This helps keep my meat local which helps local farms, reduces carbon footprint, and is a cost effective. Unfortunately we have not gotten to this goal. But it will be a goal for 2017.
  4. Build and plant a tall (6-7 foot) trellis for grapes. This trellis will wrap around the back of the park benches we have placed around the chicken coop. This will help give great cover for our chickens from neighbors and break down wind. We decided to not build this after all. Instead we added a large chicken run that stretches to the end of the garden.
  5. We need to desperately finish up the last bit of large home improvement projects.
    1. Remodel our girls bathroom. The claw foot tub was taken out and put into our bathroom so we need to replace it and rearrange the configuration so it fits properly. All finished except for the crown molding.
    2. Build the master bedroom wall shelving unit for husbands record collection and my book obsession. Halfway finished with this project. We still need the window bench and paint it.
    3. Finish crown molding in master bedroom and bathroom. Still not completed because the bookshelf isn't done.
    4. Build backyard steps properly so I or the girls don’t fall on of these days and really hurt ourselves. Nope, this didn't get finished either.

Personal Goals:

Unfortunately none of my personal goals were completed in 2016! I really need to focus in 2017!
  1. Finish my cross stitch/needlepoint project that I have been working on for about 2 years now. I have the perfect spot to hang it when it is completed but I just need to finish it.
  2. Push myself to read more books. I currently read about 8-10 books a year. I would love to double that number this year and keep it going year after year.
  3. Finish my girls rag rugs that I have started about 2 years ago. They would love them and at this rate I will be giving it to them for their dorm at college.
  4. Make a preliminary rough draft of a book I would like to write. I have several ideas for books but I need to just settle on one and start writing this year.