Pumpkin Patch Mountain Homestead

pumpkin patch mountain homestead

All About Pumpkin Patch Mountain Homestead

Pumpkin Patch Mountain is our family’s second homestead. Our dream about 8 years ago was to buy property in the Western North Carolina mountains. Sean’s job pulled us to the outskirts of Charlotte so our dream was put on hold until 2017.

Our family purchased 7.4 acres on Pumpkin Patch Mountain in the Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina. It is a completely raw piece of land with no buildings, electricity, or running water. The goal of this homestead is to build two small cabins all off grid and by ourselves. The property has everything we wanted; heavily wooded with open pasture, flat areas for cabin and gardens but steep hilly parts, and an underground natural spring to tap into for water. This homestead also has one neighbor which the driveway is shared with but ultimately extremely quite and serene.

Pumpkin Patch mountain
The future orchard and goat pasture.

Great Visions and Ideas

View from future off grid cabin

We, of course, have visions and ideas of what we want for this property. The property already has some old farm fencing but we intend to add some more for a fruit and nut orchard which will be also house our small herd of goats, fencing in the future vegetable gardens, and other fruiting shrubs and plants to keep them away from wildlife.

There are also two home sites we plan on building on. The first will be in the valley of the property which will be the main family cabin. The second will be a completely off grid cabin up on the ridge that will have the mountain range views. This cabin is exciting because you will not be able to drive to it but hike up the hill to it.

Existing hiking trails.

Since we have a lot of land for this property and there are both pastures and heavily wooded areas, we plan to cut out our own hiking trails that lead to specific sites and that are fun and connect the property. It would be great to have benches and hammocks set up along the trails. We also plan on building owl and bat houses for the property. Trails that lead to these areas would be a great learning environment for both young and old. These trails also double as gaming trails in which our trail cameras will be set up and filming wildlife activity.

Homestead Layout