One Acre Vintage Homestead

one acre vintage homestead

All About One Acre Vintage Homestead

In search for our new homestead, we wanted so many things. We desired at least 10 acres of land, a barn, a 100 + year old farmhouse with a large kitchen and at least 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths, and lots of large trees all for a very cheap price….yeah right!! Unfortunately, we could not get what we wanted. In the end, this family bought a 1920’s Craftsman bungalow with one acre. Yes, compromises had to be made on the amount of land by a whole lot, type of home, and location for the price we could afford. Also, we could only get a two bedroom, one bath house. But in 2014, a 300 square foot master suite was put on the house, which added another bedroom, closet and full acre vintage homestead

Homestead Improvements

Wrap around front porch.

There were many other home improvement projects that brought this nearly 100 year old home back to life. In the yard, we added a reasonable sized backyard deck. I repainted the front wrap around porch. The husband ran electricity to the workman’s shed, took down old fences and built up gardens. All the interior walls were repainted, updated electrical outlets and wiring, redesigned and remodeled kitchen including the addition of a large canning pantry. We also installed built in bookshelves throughout the living room and bedrooms.

One Acre Vintage Homestead
Backyard garden beds.

One Acre Vintage Homestead was a rectangular blank slate with a fixer upper house. The vegetable gardens went from one large plot to three distinct gardens. This design makes it much easier to rotate crops seasonally and yearly. The raised beds were put in on the side of the house for perennial asparagus and artichokes. These beds also include areas for winterized garden of garlic and onions. Other garden beds that were put around the house was a strawberry garden that houses 300 strawberry plants, an annual and perennial herb garden, and old fence posts that house a several gutter gardens for spinach and loose leaf lettuce and blackberry trellis.

One Acre Vintage Homestead