2016 Homestead Garden Harvest

Our garden harvest needs always needs to be documented every year. It helps to keep up with the time of year we start and end harvest and the amount collected. As a little game, I push to grow more pounds of food every year. It’s a win-win scenario every year so why not play it.

2016 gave us a small amount of fruit and vegetables because we suffered through a terrible summer and fall drought.

Garden Harvest:            Total 133.6 lbs.

Fruit/Vegetable                  Harvest Time                    Pounds

Blackberry                       Beg Apr-Beg May                     4.5

Strawberry                      Beg May-Beg June                   5.6

Garlic                                Beg July                                     2.5                

Cucumber                        Mid June-End July                 20.5

Zucchini                           Beg June-End July                 20.5

Yellow Squash                Beg June-End July                   1.8

Tomato                            End June-Mid Aug                  29.0

Jalapeno                         Mid July-Mid Sept                   7.9

Cantaloupe                     End July-Beg Aug                    29.3

Honey Dew                     End July-Beg Aug                    4.0

Paprika                           Mid Aug-Mid Sept                    2.1

Peppadew                       Mid Aug-Mid Nov                    2.9

Cayenne                         End Sept-Mid Nov                    0.75

Pecans                             End Oct-End Nov                     2.5