I have been sewing curtains for the past couple years for our house. We have a lot of windows but not a lot of money. I can’t stand what the stores offer. They are expensive and flimsy plus they just look ugly. So I save up money and purchase fabric from my local craft store. It is always great when I can get a huge discount on the fabric too. I guess I am a bit old fashioned with my window treatments. I just love the typical symmetrical and what I have found to be termed as drapery. Drapery is typically lined for insulation and blackout purposes whichRead More →

All over Pinterest I have found pretty pictures of laundry rooms. Wonderful wicker baskets and plastic storage bins with beautifully printed labels covered my computer screen when I went for a search a few weeks ago. I wanted to organized my mudroom/laundry room like all these women before me had but when I went online to check prices of baskets and plastic totes I almost fell off the couch. Nope, I wasn’t going to spend $12-20 for one basket, beautiful as it was. So I decided to come up with another option, to either knit or crochet them. I decided to crochet my boxes because ofRead More →

I love the farmers market. And yes, I do need to go for some things that I just don’t grow here on the homestead. I won’t waste time or garden space for veggies or fruit that we just don’t eat a whole lot of like eggplant or butternut squash. So I designed this crocheted mesh bag with a knitted bottom. I wanted to have the bottom knitted because I feel it is much more stronger then the crochet bottoms I have found on the internet. This is a medium size bag. It holds about 10-14 pieces of fruits or vegetables (in the picture above I have 14Read More →